A few Key thoughts from our friends at NAR – The Selling Process

Hello Sellers! Please check out this great little chart below from Houselogic on selling your home Internationally or in Costa Rica! Please keep in mind there are a few things unique to Costa Rica that this basic chart does not cover.
For example:
#2 – Research the Market – you can certainly check on-line to see the asking prices of other homes in your area – but please remember asking prices in CR do not always reflect the market value.
#11 – Get Ready for your Home Inspection – Maybe not! Here in Costa Rica most homes are sold as is. But if you have agreed to an inspection, here or elsewhere, make sure all the little details are in place so if the inspector finds anything major – that is all there is to focus on. Inspections usually tell more about the Seller in my opinion, than the actual inside of a home. If the home is found with a ton of small imperfections, it makes a buyer uneasy. When all the locks are right, the lights are working, the alarm is activated, the screens are new, the doors are tightly sealed, the tiles are all grouted – it makes a buyer comfortable. Even if the inspector finds something big, they think its just something the Seller did not know and they are more likely to work around it than with a house that has a ton wrong with it and it looks like the Seller just didn’t take care of it.

What do I really like about this little snap shot? It shows that a good agent is with you each step of the way. And that should be the same here in Costa Rica if you choose one good Company/Agency to sell your home. When you list with more than one Agent, you really don’t get the same service. Keep that in mind.

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