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Hi!! My name is Ashley, I offer a professional service to increase the value of your home, whether you are looking to improve your ratings on Airbnb or sell your home in the fastest amoutn of time possible, I’m here to help!!!
I have been working in the hospitality business for ten years now, between the restuarant industry, the hotel industry, marketing strategies in marketing my own home, working now in Real Estate, I have found the more that is invested, the greater the return. A quality product, is what clients are searching for, not a cheaply scrammbled quick fix, followed by furnishing leftovers.
The best part is you are investing in yourself, investing in your home is an essential part of living well. Your own living standards improve, while your house becomes more attractive to potential buyers. The law of attraction works heavily in these situations. A sloppy house, a lousy neighborhood, a lawn that hasn’t been maintained in months, all scream, “don’t buy me!!” I am miserable to look at.
SOmething personal like – Hi!  Thanks for reading up on blah blah blah.  My name si … and I have been working in hotel management for most of my life and now I am turning my sites on real estate to help the many sellers in San Ramon and the surrounding homes ‘set the stage’ and sell your house.
And I see the same mistakes over and over.  Same as with hotels and amrketing – you ahve to get witht he times!  SHoe people what they want to see!  Pople want to mpve to cr ot relax, andjoy – so show them that in your home!
The stagin process has shwon over and over that people can get more value out of their home, and sell in less time.  They also enjoy the house mroe whle theya re selling it!  And an agent has the confidence theyw an when they show a home.
now, not eeyrone has a remodelling budget, and qyuite frankly, this is CR.  You don’t wnat to do TOO much, but there ae some basics to follow. And there is no rick!  Our first 30 minute consultation is free.  Just make an appointment with me right ehre on line, then bring us some photos at the office and meet me!  We cna discuss your house, some basic ideas, and then we cna take it from there.  But what to expect before that?  Here;s a basic rundown of how it works:
Our Staging Process
  1. Evaluation- Free Consultation 
  2.  Recommendations- Providing soft enhanced element to compliment the features of the home. 
Pricing- Price is based on whether the home is furnished or not, the size of the home, the value the client hopes to achieve, the steps it might take to achieve a get the home to reach the higher value, compared a quick makeover with the desire for a quick sale at negotiable price. 
What to expect during the visit– Depending on the condition of the home our services may include a light cleaning service, the hiding or removing all personal items from the home, bringing neutral tones to the home. Adding soft accents and appealing decorations. Bringing in attractive furnishings where needed. Creating themes and colors that compliment the home’s features. Curtains and seating areas will be added to show both comfort and warmth.  
Extra Costs– Light to heavy painting may be recommended, we have a team of specialist that can help with this as well, we recommend this being done two days prior to the final staging visit. 
Photography– The photography portion will be generally done the day after staging. It is the owners responsibility to keep all the elements of the staging in place prior to the shooting. Professional photography packages will also be estimated in the evaluation stage.
Staging Packages
Basic Staging -Minor Staging
Full Package– Minor Furnishing+Staging+Professional Photography Services
Exclusive -Full Home Furnishings+Staging+Professional Photography Services and Exclusive Listing

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