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Stage Your Home- Blue Tierra Realty Group

Hi!! My name is Ashley, I offer a professional service to increase the value of your home, whether you are looking to improve your ratings on Airbnb or sell your home in the fastest amoutn of time possible, I'm here to help!!! I have been working in the hospitality business for ten years now, between the restuarant industry, the hotel industry, marketing strategies in marketing my own home, working now in...

How to Successfully Sell Your Home in Costa Rica!

How to Successfully Sell Your Home in Costa Rica!

Why do some homes sell and others sit forever without a buyer? While there is no exact answer, following this advice will definitely help you towards successfully selling your home in the least amount of time!  AND enjoying your home in the meantime instead of just 'letting it go'.  Costa Rica is a great place to keep your house looking neat, fresh and sell-able while your Agent does their magic. There...

A few Key thoughts from our friends at NAR – The Selling Process

Hello Sellers! Please check out this great little chart below from Houselogic on selling your home Internationally or in Costa Rica! Please keep in mind there are a few things unique to Costa Rica that this basic chart does not cover. For example: #2 - Research the Market - you can certainly check on-line to see the asking prices of other homes in your area - but please remember asking prices in CR do not...

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