Why Choose MLS in Costa Rica?

OUR GOALs for MLS in Costa Rica

  • Easy to access and find in any search for property in Costa Rica
  • Easy to understand
  • Up to date
  • Expiration Dates on Listings so Nothing is OLD
  • Comprehensive
  • REAL, actual properties in Costa Rica

What MLS in Costa Rica won’t be able to do

  • We cannot represent the legal status of each property, such as title info etc.  Sellers are invited to supply that info, but we are not attorneys, simply a 3rd party to help you see what properties are for sale. Always hire a trusted Costa Rican lawyer to perform Due Diligence before any property purchase.
  • We cannot show Selling History or Prices, there are no true records in Costa Rica
  • We will not show Taxes or Plot Maps, most locations will be general

What Properties will you find at MLS in Costa Rica in 2018 and moving forwards?

While our present Agents work on the mountains of the the Central Valley, we are inviting all other areas of Costa Rica to add their listings as well.  All companies and Agencies, as well as private home owners, are invited to list their homes for sale and rent, their investment properties – anything land based that is considered Real Estate – or Bienes Raices en Español.  As a Buyer or Renter, you let us know which properties interest you, and we have the listing agent contact you directly.  That easy!  As an Agent or Agency, you can post your own listings, or contact us for help and guidance to get your listings up.  We are also Agents ourselves, and have an actual office that can be called on to act on behalf of Buyers as their Agent to show each of these properties with the Listing Agents, or to list and promote your property for sale through our different businesses here (construction, relocation tours, Real Estate Office, websites).  Our office is completely bilingual and can also offer translators in German, French, and Chinese.


It is broadly known there is no TRUE MLS in Costa Rica.  Why is that, if when you search on-line, a few ‘real’ MLSs show up?

  1. A few big and well known companies claim to have an MLS which is VERY misleading to the unknowing public.  What they claim to be an MLS is actually just their own listings, and a few affiliates, but no one elses.  Sure there are many listings on it, but not everyone is invited to list, unless they agree to pay commission to the company. MLSinCostaRica.com, on the other hand, asks for a small up front payment to create the listing, and a very small fee if the property is sold to a client we produce to the Seller/Agent.  This is how we keep the site going.
  2. There is no regulatory Agency for Real Estate here, anyone can claim to be an MLS.  So that is what we are doing!  Yes, we are going to take advantage of that, but we want to do it right and better than anyone else.  Also, as there is no regulating agency or registry for the true sale prices of the homes themselves, this cannot be included.  We will, however, provide neighborhood information, and property tax information if available.
  3. Issues we have found with some of the other ‘MLS’s in Costa Rica are as follows.  CRGAR or the Costa Rica National Association of Realtors,  is actually a corporation based in the US that companies here pay to be recognized by.  But what about Costa Rican companies that are not part of the US system?  It gets quite convoluted, and difficult to post properties on that site.  I am actually an International Realtor© with them, and I need to go through a different company to list here.  It’s very strange, and dare I say possibly money based?  RE.Cr is another one – it could be great, but again, fails on so many points and presently has more than 75% of their listings at the Pacific Beaches.  What about the rest of the country?  This is where we expect to excel.  Creating a listing service for companies and Sellers all over the country, so the buyers can visit one place to find their dream home.
  4. That leads me to our final point.  The MLS listings in Costa Rica are almost all of the beaches, geared towards showing expat clients vacation properties.  Our MLS is going to open to anyone and everyone selling their property here, to Costa Ricans, foreigners, property investors, for sale by owners, small rental properties, any kind of Real Estate ALL over Costa Rica.

MLS in Costa Rica was built with Your Success in mind


Get more calls, schedule more viewings and earn more commissions.

MLS in Costa Rica is on its way to being your easiest way to find properties in Costa Rica.

COME ABOARD!  MLS in Costa Rica is a new listing site for EVERYONE! If you are looking to Buy or Sell, please take a look, or simply call us! We are REAL agents with REAL properties.  And we have a network of trusted professionals ALL over Costa Rica and we are inviting ALL agencies and independent agents to list their properties here so there is an ACTUAL MLS in Costa Rica in the making!


When one of our partners started looking for property here over 20 years ago… she searched at least 100 different real estate sites and met with countless agents until she found the right property.  But did it take 20 years because she was picky or not ready to buy/move?  That was proabbly part of it, and we will never know.  But in the end, the property she chose had been on the market for years, so why couldn’t she find it in her internet searches? She had taken at least 2 trips to Costa Rica during the time it was for Sale.  If she had one Agent, or one site, where she could search for what she was looking for –  it would have saved the Buyer, AND that Seller, a lot of wasted time.  The search itself is always fun!  Traveling around Costa Rica!  Not searching 100 websites.

Meet our Team!

From RE marketing to Webdesign, to Sales Agents and Realtors© to Contractors

Kim Rubens-Quirós
Broker & Realtor©

BTRG Relocation and House Hunting Tours
B&B Owner – Vista Valverde

Real Estate Blog Writer
Languages:  English

Sales Agent San Ramon Costa Rica

Jeffrey Rodriguez
Website Director
Sales Agent

San Ramon, Costa Rica
Languages: Spanish

Agent/Builder in San Ramon Costa Rica

Ricardo Murillo
CEO of EcoGrupo
Banco de Tierra

Builder of Bio Climactic Homes in Costa Rica
Investment Strategist for Large Properties and Developments
Languages:  English and Spanish

David Sancho
Marketing Director
Sales – Construction and Real Estate

Palmares, Costa Rica
Languages:  English and Spanish

sales and customer service costa rica

Gabby Villobos
Sales and Customer Relations

San Ramon, Costa Rica
Languages:  English and Spanish

Easy to Get Started

Do you like the ideology we have presented? It will only work if we get as many Agents together in one place as possible.  So spread the word!  And submit all your listings for us to promote for you and your Sellers!

Simple Fee Pay

The last thing you need as an RE Agent or FSBO is something else to do.  Sign up once, we do the rest!

Visual Composer

Not experienced in RE but want to sell your own home?  List here with your own photos, or get a competitive edge with one of our Featured Listings through our Brokerage – Blue Tierra Realty Group.  We will set up your enitre listing for you and promote your property until it is sold! CLICK HERE

Multilingual Support

Our office fully supports you in Spanish and English.  Translators available on a fee basis in German, French, Filipino and Chinese.

Membership System

We just ask that you sign a short form stating your property/properties are verified in the National Registry of Costa Rica.  There is a small fee to list as well – CLICK HERE for fees and schedules.

Various LISTING Options

Choose from single fees for FSBO or Multiple Listing Fees for Agents and Brokerages.  We only list for 6 months to keep it up to date, but will contact you within one month of your listing’s expiration date if you have not marked it as sold or rented.

Top Quality Photos

We use the highest resoltion possible to showcase your listings with the photos you provide.

Simple Content

All listings will be reviewed by our team for appropriate content, and may be chosen to be featured based on Value, Photos and area.  Descriptions are limited to 250 words or less, and 8 photos of your choice.

Advanced Search

Help your Buyers find the right property by letting them set various search criteria such as size and price range!  If you do not see an option you need, please let us know and we can add it.

…and So many other great features…


More listings means more focus on your Business

More marketing means more focus on your Business

More focus on your business means more Buyers

When we come together as Sales Agents, we can service our clients the right way. We can help each other to show Buyers what they are looking for, not just what we have for sale individually.
Be part of a new and growing concept in Costa Rica!!!

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