Don’t just retire and be bored- Live and Invest in Costa Rica!

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Live and Invest in Costa Rica!

Why retire to do nothing?  Moving to Costa Rica can be fun, energizing, and just the adventure you are looking for.  But for many, while the move is invigorating, you may simply run out of things to do once you are here.  After a while, all the sunsets and wine may get a little old, even trips to the beach.  Don’t let it make you old too – invest in your future!  Did you know that Costa Rica boasts so many centenarians that Harvard actually did a study in 2017 to find out why?  So let’s explore how you can keep a steady flow of income while living and investing, and having fun in Costa Rica.

How Much Money do I Need?

Really, that depends on the lifestyle you want to lead, and the kind of business you want to run or invest in.  There are so many different ways to invest in Costa Rica, I would needs days to take you through them all.  But a simple, tried and true solution for many folks is living and investing in a rental, or a development on their own property.

Lets say you want a nice sized rental business in the mountains.  Nothing fancy – just nice like minded expat renters and something fun to run.  At the writing of this article, I have a large and fully permitted, pretty much self-running business with 6 to 7 rentals plus room for expansion for an amazing price – just $599,000USD with optional financing.  It even has 15 acres that some new blood could really take advantage of and make something unique and beautiful.  It is fully rented out at most times per year, and everything is in place.  Just come and create your own new business or run what is there. Perfect for a religious retreat, school eco-campus, birding lodge (150+ species seen here!), medical retreat – your imagination can fill in the gaps!  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.

Looking for something a little smaller?  How about an amazing 2 family, fully renovated and with a new addition home that is already collecting a steady income from its airbnb listing, for 279,000USD?  It is built impeccably and has almost no maintenance.  A healthy walk into town, or just take the bus a few doors down or drive in yourself.  Located in the mountains but just outside the big city of San Ramon where more and more expats are flocking to yearly.  It is also the gateway to Arenal Volcano from the central valley so there is a bit of tourism. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ON THE AIRBNB STYLE HOME

How about an award winning coffee farm and ocean view residential development?  We have a few! One is about 50 acres with several houses and lots already developed and ready to be sold or built on.  That’s Uncle Ron’s and is going to 850USD.  A smaller one, just about 2 hectares with amazing Ocean Views, has a small casita and the building plans for a large main house (valued at over 15k in permits and blueprints, etc)  for just $250USD with plantels all ready to build on.  Imagine the Airbnb Experience you could create with that!  Invite folks to learn how to grown their own coffee over looking the ocean in Costa Rica!  Owners will show you everything you need to know!

Speaking of tourism and Arenal, how about building exactly what you want?  I have a super cheap 35k lot of 7000m2 – that’s almost 2 acres!  You can build 3 small eco-casitas with the trusted local builder, Eco Diseños for about 110USD, or buy it as the pre-sale with the .  And they are bilingual! So for 3 homes, one of which you can live in, you have 2 rentals and a beautiful property in a strategic tourist position on the way to Arenal Volcano, but just outside the desirable area of San Ramon, for under 150USD.  And its beautiful and quiet!  Bu just 1 hour to the SJO airport, one hour to the volcano, and one hour to the beach.  Prime real estate for pennies on the dollar!

Investment Capital in your Live and Invest Property

Now, as you may know, almost all sales here are cash for expats.  You may be able to finance a property where you are from to use that money here, or you could consider one of the several properties we have for sale that offer owner financing to fill in the gap.  Once an active business corporation that has been showing income and paying taxes for three years to the Hacienda (Costa Rica’s version of the IRS), you can apply for a business loan.  Remember, as an expat – you are legally allowed to own a corporation, but technically you are just supposed to run the business, and pay others to work it for you.  You are allowed and encouraged to create jobs for the Costa Ricans.  Unfortunately, the % rates on loans here is extremely high.  At the writing of this article, there is a new company – Banco de Tierra, that is trying to fill in the gap between private and public lending, to create opportunities for small business growth to large development funding through various sectors.  If interested, please contact us and we can put you in touch with them

Help with Finding the right Live and Invest for you!

While the ideas we went over here are mostly for the hospitality business of some kind – in the form of rentals, there are obviously tons of other things you do.  You can invest in the building and selling of real estate, you can create an entire language school and teach English, you can start a cafe in town or a candy business like some other clients of mine.  If the idea of investing sounds intriguing but overwhelming, come talk to us!  Between all of us at, we have been helping folks move to Costa Rica for over 20 years.  Retirees, families, single moms, young professionals – the description of the ‘typical expat’ is a lot different than it used to be, and we are happy to help you find what works for you.  Its all in the lifestyle – pura vida! is also a full service Real Estate agency with a Rental Management division, a Business Development Division, as well as sales and rentals and construction.  Real Estate, Construction and Investment – we aim to be all three, but most importantly,a new way to support you and find your lifestyle in Costa Rica.





Kim Rubens-Quiros has been writing for Costa Rican real estate blogs since 2013.  She is an accredited International Realtor©, and owns and runs the longest standing RE company in San Ramon, the Blue Tierra Realty Group (formerly Paradise Management Realty).  An expat from NYC, and married to a tico from central San Jose, Kim and David are raising their 3 kids on an ocean view mountaintop somewhere in San Ramon de Alajuela.

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