Terms and Conditions

Buyers Terms and Conditions:

1 – We may contact you from time to time to see how the Agencies are responding to your requests for more information, or on how we can improve our site and your experience with the MLS.  You will also have the option at different times to fill out a specialized questionnaire so we can direct new property listings and information right to you that match what you are looking for.

2 – Please know that while we do our best to maintain the verification and status of all properties on this site, it is on the honor of the listing party and we cannot be held responsible for any information that is purposefully, willingly, or unknowingly misrepresented herein.

Sellers/Agents/Brokers Terms and Conditions

1 – You agree that all listings pertain to real estate and photos/images and descriptions are appropriate for all ages.
2 – You agree that all properties listed have been verified in the National Registry of Costa Rica and are available for sale from the owner as listed, and are with clear title unless otherwise noted in the listing ( if you need help with this, we can check for you for a small $10 fee)
3 -You agree to provide MLS in Costa Rica the basic sellers info for each property you list.  This is for security reasons and follow up for each property listed (name, email, phone, address of property).  We reserve the right to verify the information you provide us with the Seller prior to posting on this Multiple Listing Site site.
4 – You agree to keep MLS in Costa Rica updated on the status of each property you have listed here.  Please let us know within 3 days if a property has been Sold, Rented, Is No Longer Available, is in Contract, or any other change in status not listed here that will affect the Sale of the Property.
5 – In an effort to maintain the integrity of the listings here, we reserve the right to contact you at monthly intervals to verify the listing(s) is active and up to date.  If we do not hear back from you, we reserve the right to make the listing ‘Unverified’, or take it off the site until you contact us that it is still active.  No monies will be refunded and listing(s) will still be charged until you send us an Update, or unsubscribe it from the site.
6 – Recurring payments – If your payments are interrupted, for any reason, we will keep the listing on the site gratis for one month.  After that time, if we have been unsuccessful in our attempts to bill you, or make other payment arrangements, your listing(s) will be deactivated.
7 – You agree that all listings are accessible to buyers and other MLS Registered Agents who may contact you to sell or show your property to their own clients.  You agree to split commissions with them 50/50 based on a Buyers and Sellers Agent commission, unless is it a referral when the standard 25% of the Buyer’s side commission will be honored.  An Agent or Agency will need to be registered with our MLS in order to contact you through our site.
8 – Agents/Brokers – You agree to respond to clients’ requests for more information/showings within 48 hours.
9 – Sellers, you agree to respond to a client’s request for more information/showing within 48 hours.
10 – All listings become accessible to the MLS team at Blue Tierra Realty.  We reserve the right to contact and show the listing directly with the owner, ONLY if a client is produced to you through our MLS site, and you have not responded within 48 hours or more.  In this case, the Buyer and Seller become part of Blue Tierra Realty Group for this Sale, and if the property is sold, you will be paid a standard referral fee. *
11 – You understand the site may be down at certain times for maintenance or other reasons and we are not required to inform you, or provide refunds for those times.

* We are also available to show your portfolio when you are not available, if this will help you.  Please contact us directly to meet us and go over details.

Agent/Sellers/Brokers FEES:

1 – Each time you sell one of your listings on the MLS site to a client we produce to you, you agree to pay a small .0025% fee of the listing price to MLS in Costa Rica. This covers the many fees we incur to provide this service to you and your clients, and ultimately to help create a sale for you.

2 – Selling/Showing Other Listings on the MLS:  Please verify the commission and split when we put you together with the Seller’s Agent.  We do ask that everyone agrees to a 50/50 split on commission by signing on here, unless it is a simple referral which offers 25% of the Buyer’s side commission – so if there are problems with a registered listing agent, please let us know.

3 – If we are notified and find out that a registered Seller/Agent/Broker on this MLS is not agreeing to show the property to the clients of other MLS registered Agents/Brokers, or is not agreeing to the generally agreed upon 50/50 split on a 5% commission (or referral commission) we may remove your listings from the site.  No refunds will be issued in this case.

Buyer Fees:

None.  This is a completely free service for Buyers and Buyer’s Agents to use, and all MLS should be provided free to you.  We do require that you register with us, however.

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