How to Choose the Right Agent to Sell your Home in Costa Rica

large ocean view quinta and home for sale costa rica

Check the article below!!! I could not have said it better myself. This article CLEARLY points out all the reasons why choosing a great Agent is the most important decision you can make in Selling your Home. The article is geared towards the US, but the advice is solid and applies anywhere. Just keep in mind when you are reading it in regards to Costa Rica – (1) there are few open houses here unless its at a resort or something like that; (2) Our MLS does not show all the info that the one in the US does because the country does not record the info the same way; (3) when it talks of commissions as being negotiable, the typical commission on a house here is 5-6%, and land up to 10%. And just a little friendly advice, don’t try and negotiate with your agent if you want the best service – but if your agent doesn’t really offer to do that much for you, I could see where a little negotiation should come into play. But the rest of the article has excellent advice!

by: Kim RQ – International Realtor© in Costa Rica

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